I'm a visual UX designer shaping complex ideas into intuitive and alluring digital experiences.
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I'm a creative professional living in Los Angeles, California. Actively crafting digital products, SaaS tools, and CX @ Item.
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I am a visual UX designer and music-focused creative producer with five years of experience crafting alluring yet functional digital experiences for clients and brands around the world.

In my designs, I seamlessly integrate the authentic voice of the user with the strategic objectives of the business, creating harmonious and impactful experiences that resonate deeply with users while driving tangible success for the brand.

Currently based in sunny Southern California, I play a pivotal role at Item, where I contribute to the design, development, and strategic planning of ERP-based digital products and business management tools. I'm privileged to collaborate with a diverse and talented team of creatives and professionals across multiple disciplines. Together, we engineer powerful solutions that tackle everyday business challenges head-on. It's an exhilarating journey, transforming innovative ideas into tools that empower businesses to thrive and have a direct impact to users' lives.

When I'm not immersed in design projects, you'll often catch me diving deep into the latest tech trends (yes, I block off my calendar for product releases and keynotes), producing beats for global hip-hop and R&B artists, or unwinding with an episode of The Office accompanied by a refreshing iced coffee and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
UX Designer
Irvine, CA
2023 - Current
UX Designer
Buena Park, CA
2022 - 2023
Product Designer
Los Angeles, CA
2020 - 2022
Hyundai Translead
Supply Chain Analyst
San Diego, CA
2018 - 2019
UX Strategy & Implementation
I specialize in devising and implementing UX strategies that harmonize user needs, business goals, and technical capabilities. My process involves meticulous research, strategic planning, and seamless collaboration with development teams to ensure feasibility and scalability of designs.

I'm passionate about this work because it allows me to blend creativity with problem-solving, seeing the tangible impact of my designs on user engagement and product success, while continuously pushing the boundaries of UX innovation.
Product & Visual Design
With a strong foundation in both product and visual design, I excel in engineering compelling and intuitive digital experiences. My expertise lies in integrating UI design with product functionality to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional solutions.

From conceptualization to implementation, I leverage my design skills to ensure consistency, usability, and brand coherence across all touch-points.
Design System Engineering
As a Design System Engineer, I specialize in architecting scalable design systems that unify visual language and user experience across digital products. I create reusable components, guidelines, and documentation to streamline the design-to-development workflow.

In my current position at Item, I devised a unified, true-to-code design system by combining Figma variables and semantic naming conventions, which helped maintain 4+ brands in one system. Furthermore, I collaborated with developers to build a designer/developer portal to reduce friction and miscommunication during hand-off processes.

My passion for this role stems from its pivotal role in fostering consistency, efficiency, and collaboration within design and development teams, ultimately empowering them to deliver cohesive and polished digital experiences that resonate with users.
Web Design
Data Architecture
Style Guidelines
Business Analysis
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UX Engineer
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Web + Product Designer
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