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Sean Baik is a creative visionary at Sean Baik Events. He prioritizes his clients’ trust and satisfaction to create a positive and productive relationship. Sean Baik’s event-planning skills stem from his background in Marketing Management and Film Arts at Biola University in La Mirada California. He understands that building a great relationship with his clients is the most important step before producing any event or performance.



This package is for the couple that needs more help planning and strategizing than just a day of consulting. All details are planned after the couple selects a venue. This package includes up to Six In-Person Meetings and Unlimited Phone & Email consultations to create a final timeline.

The Sean Baik Team will:

manage and meet with all selected vendors

Construct a plan to stay within the couple’s budget

Assist with all related details on location on the day of the event.


This package is for the couple that needs assistance with planning every detail of the event. This package includes Unlimited In-Person Meetings and Unlimited Phone & Email consultations to provide all the creative support necessary to plan the perfect wedding.

The Sean Baik Team will:

Create a final timeline

Assist with connecting the couple with the perfect team of vendors (Venue, Floral, Catering, etc.)

Manage and meet with all selected vendors

Construct a plan to stay within the couple’s budget

Manage all vendor related details on location on the day of the event.


This package is for the couple that has already completed most of the planning for the event on their own. This package includes Two In-Person Meetings and Unlimited Phone & Email consultations to help finalize all details and answer any last minute questions.

The Sean Baik Team will:

Review and finalize the timeline

Coordinate with all selected vendors

Assist with event rehearsals and walkthroughs




Associate Planner


Sean Baik Events for Wedding Plannings

Sean Baik really knows what he is doing. He truly loves what he does and it is his passion and desire to help his clients and customers feel happy and stress-free. He goes beyond his ways to make His customers satisfied. Sean knows exactly what the customers want for their wedding, great customer skills. His skills are very organized and experienced and he also has great connections so everything was a breeze from start to finish! Highly recommend him, no regrets guarantee.

Sean is absolutely the best, hands down. He is incredibly organized, flexible, creative, and a wonderful person. My wedding day was all I wished it would be. I didn't have to worry about anything. He went above and beyond for us. I simply could not recommend him more highly.

As I was a videographer, it was an amazing experience to work with them at the wedding. Not only does he care about bride and groom he also knows how to take care of other vendors team as well. His team members are so professional, thoughtful, and positive energy all the time. As a wedding videographer I attend many weddings a year, and unfortunately, some coordinators do not show enough effort and care and that is NOT the case at all with Sean Baik Events. They make the day go so smoothly, and they will do anything the bride and groom request for a perfect wedding. Their biggest strength is organizing all the details for the wedding day. It was very easy for me to concentrate only on filming. I strongly recommend Sean Baik Events for your beautiful wedding. 

My husband and I just recently got married. Our wedding was completed by Sean Baik Events. I’ve never thought of hiring a planner for my wedding. I thought I could plan everything with my husband. However, We realized that it is very hard to enjoy our own wedding without a wedding planner and Sean was the perfect planner for us. He tried to find every single detail that I would prefer. I loved how he respects our opinions and thoughts all the time. I was very sensitive before my wedding but Sean knows how to comforts and respects his clients. His team members are very kind and thoughtful as well. I guarantee that Sean and his team will make your wedding even better. 


Sean Baik - Founder / Director of Operations

Sean Baik was born in South Korea and raised in Southern California. His childhood goal was to become an athlete but as he traveled and gained work experience in diverse fields, his life goals changed. His interest and involvement in the wedding and events industry began when he was seventeen. He worked as an assistant wedding photographer and celebrity management team at SM entertainment company. Through these initial experiences, 


Sean witnessed the importance of such events and recognized the value that his clients hold. With this understanding, Sean finds great satisfaction in working to provide his clients with their dream wedding by combining the perfect vendors and environments. He holds his faith with great importance and aims to incorporate it in all aspects of his work based on his Christian morals and values, therefore; he reflects these ethics by striving to help and serve others. His priority is to bring satisfaction and truthful image to his clients by ensuring their beautiful life journey together.


Bilingual English & Korean

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